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Texas' 12th Congressional District

Kay Granger

Kay Granger represents Texas’ 12th Congressional district with the same strong, conservative Texas values that she brought to Washington when she was first elected in 1996. Granger’s collegial but assertive style has made her an effective voice in Washington and enabled her to promote the interests of District 12. Her legislative prowess and ability to get things done, widely respected by both policy makers and influencers in Washington alike, led to her recognition by CQ’s Roll Call as one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Congress.

Positions & Policy

National Security

Kay served as Chairman of the Defense Subcommittee and the Foreign Operations Committee, Kay believes ensuring our troops have the best equipment and training is a necessity for our success against our adversaries. Kay fights to ensure necessary funding goes to support our brave service members who protect our nation’s freedom. 

Despite growing threats we face around the world, including those from China, Russia, Iran, North Korea and terrorist groups like ISIS and Al-Qaeda, President Biden continues to propose cutting our national defense. 

Now, more than ever, strong investments in our national security are essential to deterring any and all potential adversaries. Kay will never stop fighting for those who fight for us, no matter where the threat exists.


Kay is working hard to reduce the size of government and lower taxes. In 2017, Kay worked with President Trump and passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act that lowered tax rates for all Americans, led to the lowest poverty rate in a half century, and brought unemployment down to its lowest in 50 years.

Kay continues to fight against Democrats crippling tax increases on workers and small businesses. She supports a constitutional amendment that would require the House of Representatives to have a 3/5 majority to raise taxes, preventing the Democrats massive tax increases.


Kay believes Congress must do more to control spending. Kay has prioritized and eliminated wasteful or duplicative programs, and we need to use the same fiscal discipline that American families exercise at home. Kay supports an amendment to the Constitution requiring the federal government to balance the budget. Such an amendment would go a long way in bringing fiscal restraint to Washington.


As a parent, former school teacher, and the daughter of an educator, Kay has seen firsthand the triumphs that can happen in the classroom, but also the challenges our students, teachers, and school administrators face in today’s education system. Parents, not federal bureaucrats, should be the chief decision makers when it comes to their children’s education. Kay is committed to having safe schools and ensuring teachers have the resources they need to make sure our children are prepared to be the leaders, innovators, and job creators of tomorrow.

Israel & The Middle East

Kay has a long record of supporting Israel. For decades, the United States and Israel have forged a bond based on the pursuit of peace in the Middle East, Israeli security, and our shared goals of fighting terrorism. Earlier in 2021, Israel was under attack from terrorists. Countless civilian lives were saved because of the Iron Dome system that the United States has supported year-after-year.  

Kay has led the fight to replenish the Iron Dome funding, while Democrats have stripped it out of funding bills multiple times. Kay believes our friendship and mutual support for Israel are unshakeable, and believes it is critical for us to strengthen this relationship.

Border Security & Immigration

Kay believes in a strong border and supports finishing President Trump’s border wall. 

No form of immigration reform should be passed without border security and enforcement of our current immigration laws. 

We must act to stop drugs and criminals from coming across our borders. Kay opposes any form of amnesty. Kay does not believe that the immigrants who have come here illegally should be given any special privileges. They should not be allowed to get on a path to citizenship ahead of the thousands of people who have been waiting in line for months, if not years.

Our Veterans

Our military veterans face many challenges when they leave the military. Kay supports the men and women who have dedicated, and are still currently dedicating, their lives to safeguarding this nation and preserving democracy. Kay has helped our veterans obtain the services and benefits they rightfully deserve.

12th District of Texas

What We've Achieved

Fighting for Texans

Elected to her 14th term in 2022 by an overwhelming margin, Kay has earned her reputation in Congress as a hard-working, tough and principled leader on the issues that matter most to the people she serves.

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"It has been said that a nation reveals its character by the values it upholds."

"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation."

Rep. Kay Granger